Kuehnlein & Kuehnlein LLC helps clients recover compensation for injuries they sustain in the workplace. Missouri workers’ compensation law entitles individuals to receive compensation and benefits for any disability caused by a workplace related injury. Compensation could include medical treatment, lost wages and temporary or total disability payment due to a work-related injury or death.

Under Missouri law, an employee is entitled to three major benefits: (1) the employer has an obligation to provide medical care and treatment for the employee until the employee has reached maximum medical improvement. The employer must pay for this treatment and has the right to choose the medical practitioner who will provide the appropriate medical care; (2) while the employee is unable to return to work the employer is required to pay the employee weekly benefits called temporary total benefits; (3) the employee is entitled to payment of a sum of money for permanent partial disability for any disability the employee has suffered. If the employee is unable to return to work because of the injury, the employee is entitled to a weekly payment for life. Additionally, an employee may be entitled to benefits from the Second Injury Fund for any disabilities that preexisted the employees last work injury.

Kuehnlein & Kuehnlein, LLC has litigated and settled permanent partial disability cases and permanent total cases against the employer and the Second Injury Fund over the last 25 years. We also know that you may not know your rights as an employee or how to file and process your workers’ compensation claim. Our experienced and accomplished law firm provides clients with dedicated assistance to see that your case is handled professionally and thoroughly.

It is our goal to obtain the maximum benefits due the client under the workers compensation system whether it is for a lump sum award for temporary injuries or for lifetime benefits for the more serious injuries that prohibit an employee from returning to gainful employment.